Consumer Law

Consumer Law Attorney

K&D Law Firm based in Istanbul, Turkey, provides legal service to find the best solution with its experienced consumer lawyer team especially within the scope of defective goods and non-performance of service disputes, claiming the damages of the consumers at arbitration committee for consumer issues and consumer court.

Resolution of Disputes in Consumer Law

The certain alternative rights and the compensation right of the consumer originates when the goods and the services that were acquired by the consumer do not match the displayed example and/or possess the specifications that it must have. Then again, there are several conflicts experienced due to the fees collected under the name of transaction fee, the configuration fee, the commission and/or so forth expenses by the banks based upon the consumer loan contracts that the consumers drawn up. Accordingly, in practice there are so many difficulties experienced related to the internet or phone ordered products.

K&D Law Firm provides necessary services for either the consumers or the producers, the importers and/or the sellers in all areas within the scope of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer, numbered 6502.

Our Services in the Scope of Consumer Law

As our office provides services only for the consumer lawsuits within İstanbul borders, the legal services given by our team of consumer lawyers are alined summarily below:

– The follow-up of demands for the refund in case of a defective good or service, the repair of product free of charge and/or the replacement of the product with an other product before the Consumer Arbitral Commission and/or the Consumer Courts

– The appeal to the Consumer Arbitral Commission and the Consumer Courts and the follow-up of the procedures

– The follow-up of the conflicts regarding the distant sales contracts

– The unfair terms in consumer contracts

– The hire-purchase contracts, the exercise of the right of withdrawal

– The conflicts arising from the housing finance and the prepaid housing sale contracts

– The conflicts arising from the time share vacation, the package tour, and the subscription contracts

– The commercial advertisement and the unfair commercial practices

– The appeal to the Board of Advertisement against the commercial advertisement standards and the unfair commercial practices

– Claiming for refund, free-repair or exchange with fungible goods

– Claiming back for unjust debt-restructuring fees as part of loan contracts

– Claiming back for unjust credit card handling charge

– Claiming for the damages derived from defective goods or non-performance of service