Att. Ezgi KUMAS

avukat ezgi kumas

Attorney Ezgi KUMAS

Att. Ezgi Kumas registered to Istanbul Bar Association Turkey, gives legal service to her clients in a wide variety of legal areas especially as a commercial and corporate law attorney, IT law attorney, intellectual property Law attorney, consumer law attorney, criminal law attorney and tax law attorney. She is the co-founder and one of the partners of K&D Law Firm.

After registering in Istanbul Bar Association in 2010 and completing her legal internship at PwC, she worked as a lawyer for two years. In this period, she concluded the legal cases with a great success in the scope of legal disputes particularly civil and criminal matters of information technology as well as copyright disputes. She has developed her technical knowledge in IT Law by making academic studies and particularly in the litigation process.

Similarly, she conducted and solved many legal issues within the context of Commercial Law and Company Law and provided legal service as a consultant and litigator for corporations besides that she provided legal service to individuals who need legal support against corporations especially in employment and consumer law. By means of taking responsibility of the criminal cases deriving from private disputes, she is experienced in both private law and criminal law.

In 2013, she started to work as a research assistant in Criminal Law Department at Gaziantep University and then International Law Department at Maltepe University. During her criminal law studies, she gave Consumer Law lectures at Gaziantep University, Turkey.

As a result of her 5 year experience both in attorneyship and academy, she decided to establish her own law firm. At the moment, she writes her master’s thesis in IT Law at Marmara University and gives consulting and juridical support to her clients as a lawyer.

She is a certified translator from English to Turkish by notary and gives legal service to her foreign clients in English.

Att. Ezgi Kumas can be reached by telephone at +90 532 230 62 21 or by email at or by our contact page.


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