Tax Law

Tax Law Attorney

K&D Law Firm provides judicial support for real and legal persons in the scope of tax law with its lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey including tax disputes, reconciliation with the tax administration, open lawsuits in case of non-agreement, proceedings against loss of tax and tax penalties.

K&D Law Firm in business regarding the tax dispute in the borders of İstanbul, with its experienced lawyers provides any kind of legal counselling and attorney-at-law services in all areas of tax law as tax lawyers with respect to primarily the resolution by a settlement before the administration; incase the settlement is not provided, filing a lawsuit in the tax courts; the resolution of dispute regarding the loss of tax revenue and tax irregularities.

Professional Resolution from Our Tax Lawyers

The tax lawyers providing service within K&D Law Firm performs all kinds of actions regarding either the Income Tax Law, the Tax Procedural Law, and the Corporate Tax Law, or all other tax acts.
They perform the actions with respect to the tax penalties, the proceeding of the actions for a settlement, making the installment plan, the appeal to the tax courts in case of not settling, the tax relief, the tax deduction, the corporate tax privileges, and the expense allowance. Along with that, they develop solutions for the conflicts arising from the concealed capital, the distribution of hidden income by transfer pricing.
Our office, with its tax lawyers specialised in the field of tax law, gives legal services to its clients as lawyers in tax law with respect to the offenses within the scope of tax acts.

The Tax Issues That We Provide Attorney-at-Law Service for

As our office provides services regarding the tax lawsuits that are only within İstanbul, the legal services provided by our team of tax lawyers are ranked summarily below:

– The operations on the subsistence allowance, the disability allowance, and the allowance on the tax base for the personal insurance premiums

– The corporate tax cut, the violation of the terms of governmental incentives, the incompletion and/or the failure of Project

– The declaration of inheritance and transfer tax and the reduction of the debts and expenditures from the inheritance and transfer tax

– The reduction of tax depreciation of the clients

– The tax deductions of the corporations and the employees

– The acquisition of the taxpayer identification number for the foreigners

– The corporate tax privileges and exemptions

– The expense allowance and the loss offsetting of the corporate tax

– The conflicts arising from the concealed capital, the distribution of hidden income by transfer pricing

– The conciliation before and after the assessment

– The correction of the calculation and taxation errors

– The loss of tax revenue, the irregularity penalties, and the tax evasion

– Solving the disputes of income tax, value-added tax, corporation tax, motor vehicles tax etc.

– Providing reconciliation proceedings with the administration about tax debts and penalties and open lawsuit in case of non-agreement

– Disputes derived from ex officio, completed or administrative tax assessment

– Under reporting or false declaration of income

You may contact our tax lawyers at K&D Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey by email at or by our contact page.