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K&D Law Firm provides legal consulting and juridical support for inheritance law including preparing the testaments, certificate of inheritance proceedings, partition of the inheritance among the inheritors with its experienced and skilled attorneys in the field.

K&D Law Firm, as probate lawyers in İstanbul province, provides legal counselling and attorney-at-law services with respect to drawing up a will, getting a certificate of inheritance in order to determine the heirs and the shares in the inheritance, the partition of the estate, as well as all kinds of conflict basen upon the inheritance law.

Our Resolutions on The Conflicts in the Scope of Wills & Estate Law

Being regulated in the Civil Code, the inheritance law states how the wealth in question is supposed to be distributed between both the legal heirs and the other heirs in case of the death of persons or the declaration of absense. In this context, the heirs are divided into two as the legal and the appointed heirs. The legal heirs are the blood relatives of the legator, thus his/her descendants, in other words, his/her children and grandchildren, mother and father, grandmother and grandfather, illegitimate relatives, the living spouse, adopted children and finally the state, in the case of the death without legating. The appointed heirs are the persons who are not the legal heirs but the legator legates at his/her sole discretion. Within this context, you should consult to a Wills & Estate lawyer before facing irreversible results or being suffered when the partition of estate is in progress.

The reserved portion of the legal heirs remaining over, the partition of estate is made according to the will, if the will and/or the inheritance contract was drawn up before the death. If there is no disposition based upon the death of the legator, the inheritance is parted between the legal heirs as regulated in the Civil Code.

In this context, our lawyers provides any kind of legal service with respect to primarily the dispositive transaction based upon the death of the legator, the determination of the wealth subject to the inheritance and the elimination of the joint ownership between the heirs, renunciation of inheritance, and including the cancellation of the dispositions harming the reserved portions of the heirs made by the legator before his/her death.

Our Legal Services as Wills & Estate Law Attorney

K&D Law Firm, giving legal services only in İstanbul, the legal services regarding the Inheritance Law by our lawyers are as follows:

– The proceedings with the debarment of the heirs with reserved portions from the inheritance by a disposition based upon the death of the legator

– The cancellation of the disposition based upon the death and opening the actions for reduction

– Preparing the testament, revocation or cancellation of the testament

– Obtaining the certificate of inheritance

– Defining the assets of the legator and partition of the assets

– Cancellation of the unjust dispositive transactions of the legator before the death

– Disclaimer of inheritance in case it burdens with debt

K&D Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey and our wills and estate law attorneys may be reached by e-mail at info@kdhukuk.com or by our contact page.