Antitrust Law

Antitrust Law Attorney

As antitrust law attorneys,n K&D Law Firm Istanbul, Turkey supports its clients in the field of antitrust law including verification of the company activities to correspond with competition rules, claiming the damages in case of a violation, antitrust and anti dumping disputes.
Operating in Gayrettepe, İstanbul, K&D Law Firm with its expert team as lawyers in antitrust law provides legal counselling and attorney-at-law services with respect to all matters but primarily the viewing of the accordance to the rules of competition when the firms are operating, the proceedings with the appeal against the decision of the Competition Board, the subject-matters in antitrust and antidumping.

Our Legal Resolutions in the Scope of the Antitrust Law

The purpose of the antitrust law is to prevent the firms dominating the market from misusing their domination, to prevent from the anti-competitive, the distorting and/or the restrictive practices, decisions, and applications on the competition in the goods and the services market, thus, to make necessary regulations and control to maintain the competition.
The competition-restricting agreements, concerted actions and decisions, the abuse of the dominant position and/or the mergers and/or the acquisitions in order to create a dominant position are counted as the inhibited operations within the rules of competition.
In this context, the competition-restricting agreements, concerted actions and decisions can be lined as the price and term fixing for the purchase and sale of the goods and services, the control for the quantity of the supply and/or demand of the good and/or the service, the segmentation of the goods and/or services market, the obligations of purchasing a good and/or a service with another good and service…etc.

The antitrust law is often confused with the unfair competition, the unfair competition can be defined as any kind of abuse of the economic competition alias against the rules of the misleading act and/or the good faith. In this sense, when it comes to the competition-restricting agreements and acts, the rules of antitrust law is applied. On the other hand, when it is the distortion of competition in bad faith and/or with deceptive acts, the rules of the unfair competition is applied.
Our lawyers performs the operation, primarily based on the law on the protection of competition and the other laws, such as the compensation and the indemnification of the damage due to the infingements generated, the objection to the administrative fines issued by the Competition Board.

Our Services Regarding the Rules of Competition

As K&D Law Firm provides services regarding the lawsuits on the antitrust law only within İstanbul, the services provided by our team of lawyers in antitrust law are as follows:

-The objection to the administrative fines issued by the Competition Board

-The revocation of the exemption and the negative declaratory judgement

– Analysing the activities of the companies to correspond with competition rules

– Appropriation of mergers and acquisitions of the company

– Claiming the damages of the companies in case of a competition violation

– Objection to the decisions of the Presidency of the Turkish Competition Authority

– Regulations of the vertical and horizontal integration among the affiliates

K&D Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey and our antitrust law attorneys may be reached by e-mail at or by our contact page.