Commercial & Corporate Law

Open a Company in Turkey

Our law firm with its Commercial & Corporate Law attorneys in Istanbul, Turkey provides legal service to find the best solution in the scope of commercial and corporate law. Our lawyers serve for both domestic and international corporations.

Based in İstanbul, K&D Hukuk Bürosu with its team under the leadership of commercial lawyer Ezgi Kumaş provides any kind of legal counselling and attorney-at-law services to all commercial enterprises in the scope of the company and the commercial law under the Turkish Commercial Code.

The Professional Legal Support for the Companies

Our lawyers, by the demand of their local or foreign clients, provides legal services regarding to the operations on the establishment of a company and the company registration, the registration of the trade name and the business title, as well as the implementation of the procedures on the meeting of the general board and the administrative board and ending the meeting salutarily, and the resolution of the conflicts on the board decisions.
Beside that, they also conduct the procedures on the amendment of the articles of incorporation, the capital increase and decrease, the indemnification of the damages of the partners due to a change in capital, the follow-up of the personal receivables of partners, and the follow-up and the collection of the corporate receivables via the enforcement offices and courts.
Likewise, the services are provided on the termination of company, the bankruptcy and the dissolution of company as well as, the service is provided on against the acts of partners that require penal responsibility as criminal lawyers.

The Commercial Issues That We Provide Service for

As K&D Law Firm provides services regarding the commercial lawsuits that are only within İstanbul, the services provided by our team of commercial lawyer are summarized below.

– The operations on the trade name and the business title, the prevention of the trade name, and the legal protection against the offense on the trade name

– The amendment and the registration of the articles of incorporation

– The follow-up of the personal receivables of partners

– The legal support as a defence lawyer to the company partners against the acts that require penal responsibility.

– Establishment proceedings of a company including joint stock company, limited liability company, ordinary company and the others.

– Proceedings of the meetings and decisions of board of directors and general assembly

– Increasing and reduction of the capital and claiming for the damages of the partners in case of capital increase

– Mergers and Acquisition

– Preparing the commercial contracts and solving the disputes derived from the commercial contracts

– Commencing enforcement proceedings for company’s debts, debriefing all assets of the debtor, seizing the assets, selling the assets of the debtor and finally collecting the debts

– Stock transactions

– Preparing the labor contracts between the company and the employees

– Proceedings of bankruptcy and liquidation

K&D Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey and our commercial and corporate attorney specialists may be reached by e-mail at or by our contact page.