Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Law

Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Law Attorney

Our Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Law attorneys at K&D Law Firm Istanbul, Turkey assist the clients to start the foreclosure proceedings, collect the debts, seizing the assets and file a bankruptcy lawsuit.

K&D Law Firm with its team of debt foreclosure and bankruptcy lawyers regarding the collection of the debts on specialty and accounts payable in İstanbul borders gives any kind of legal counselling and attorney-at-law services on the foreclosure law with respect to the foreclosure proceedings without judgment, the foreclosure proceedings with judgment, the enforcement due to the exchange bill.

The Conflicts Regarding the Foreclosure Law

The Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Law consists the act of collecting the debt in the cases where the debtor either does not pay the debt in time or does not pay the debt at all by identifying the movable and the immovable estates of the debtor by the foreclosure and bankruptcy offices with the demand of the debtee. The foreclosure proceedings can be the foreclosure proceeding with judgment as well as it is possible to proceed the receivables without the judgment. So, for the receivables which are ensured by the decision of the court, the receivable is collected by the enforcement with judgment and for the receivables for which there is no court decision, the receivable is collected by the foreclosure without judgment. The foreclosure without judgement branches depending on whether there is a written document as a proof of the debt between the debtor and debtee. When there is no written document between the debtor and the debtee, it is possible to proceed the receivable and in this case, the foreclosure without judgment is applied through the general tax lien. If there is a bill of exchange executed between the debtor and the debtee, in this case the foreclosure due to the exchange bill is applied.
Apart from these, the foreclosure without judgment is applied by foreclosure of mortgage and especially in the scope of tenancy contracts, for the frequent conflicts on the eviction, regarding the eviction of the real estates, the eviction of tenants is procured by the foreclosure proceedings.

The Legal Services Given By Our  Lawyers

– For the debts on specialty, by starting the foreclosure with judgment, to cross-examine the all estates and assets of the debtor, to confiscate the estates and the assets of the debtor, to ensure the sales proceedings and finally to collect the receivable.

– Collection of debts by reaching agreement with the debtor

– Commencing foreclosure proceedings at execution office in case of non-agreement

– Starting foreclosure proceedings with judgement with documented debts, debriefing all assets of the debtor, seizing the assets, selling the assets of the debtor and finally collecting the debts

– Starting foreclosure proceeding without judgement for the undocumented debts, proving the credit

Foreclosure of mortgage and pledged property

– Filing a bankruptcy lawsuit against the debtor on the purpose of collecting the debts

– Commencing foreclosure proceedings for financing, loan and leasing agreements

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