Criminal Law

Criminal Law Attorney

K&D Law Firm provides legal consulting and juridical support for the suspicious, defendant, victim and intervening party at the prosecution and trial process including police station in the scope of Turkish Criminal Code with its experienced and skilled attorneys in criminal law field.

– Crimes against life: manslaughter, reckless killing, human trading

– Crimes against body integrity: willfull injuriy, reckless injury

– Sex crimes: sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual abuse

– Crimes against liberty: threat, blackmail, deprivation of liberty, violation of the immunity of residence

– Crimes against honor: Insult, label

– Crimes against privacy: right of privacy, violation of confidentiality of communication

– Crimes against property: theft, robbery, damaging the property, fraud, embezzlement

– Crimes against public trust: counterfeiting on money, forgery of official documents, forgery of private documents

– Crimes against public morality: prostitution, pornography, gambling